FreeSource Deploys Computer Lab for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

At the beginning of January, the St. Peter AME Church (led by Reverend Steven Shepard) opened its doors to individuals experiencing homelessness. In the past month, they have provided shelter for over 1,600 persons, working night and day to ensure that their basic human needs are met.

Last Saturday, FreeSource was privileged with the task of putting together a small computer lab within the church for the benefit of individuals who might not have regular access to online resources. The lab consists entirely of ostensibly obsolete PCs brought back to life with a low-power, user-friendly distribution of Linux and loaded with free and open source educational and productivity software (and games).

If you happen to have an old computer lying around that you wouldn’t mind donating for use in projects such as this, feel free to let us know! All donations are tax delectable.

FreeSource Deploys Information Kiosk for A Red Circle

This past weekend, FreeSource had the distinct pleasure of deploying our first information kiosk in partnership with A Red Circle, a non-profit community benefit organization based in North St. Louis County. This kiosk will provide visitors to A Red Circle with curated, up-to-date information regarding programming, community resources, employment and personal enrichment opportunities, and local news.

As part of FreeSource’s commitment to reducing e-waste, this kiosk was constructed using mostly reclaimed computer components. We strive to use only discarded and refurbished/repurposed technology in all of our activities whenever possible, not only as an ethical choice, but as a practical one that allows us to ensure technological accessibility on an extremely minuscule budget. We also hope that doing this encourages people to look past superficial notions of obsolescence and what constitutes usefulness.

If you represent a small community organization that you feel might benefit from a free information kiosk, or if you would like to contribute time or materials that will allow us to build more kiosks, feel free to contact us at

If you’re interested in learning more about A Red Circle and the wonderful work that they’re doing, please visit

Introducing the FreeSource Help Desk!

FreeSource is pleased to announce the launch of our new Help Desk system!  The FreeSource Help Desk affords people the opportunity to submit tickets requesting assistance with something (just as you might submit a ticket on a technical support website when a piece of technology is on the fritz).

People can submit tickets requesting assistance crafting résumés or locating community resources, and our online volunteers can help with other types of requests as well, including:

  • Public Transit Route Planning
  • Employment and Personal Enrichment Opportunity Searches
  • Basic Remote Technical Support

Once a ticket is submitted, online volunteers work independently or in concert with one another to determine a course of action for providing assistance.

You can find our Help Desk at the following address:

If you have any questions, please give us a shout at!

Welcome to FreeSource!

FreeSource is a non-profit resource referral organization that works with people to help them find what they need. Our goal is empower individuals to build and maintain community-based resource connections to enhance all areas of their lives.

Our organizational philosophy is undergirded by the premise that all people are possessed of an innate and inexorable value, and that we should all work together to ensure that everyone has every opportunity to contribute to the world in a positive way that best suits them.

FreeSource strives to ensure that each person who works with us is met where they are (in terms of both physical geography and life circumstance), and strives to establish community-based supports that foster the ability of every person who works with us to overcome personal obstacles and experience success and joy as they perceive it.

FreeSource serves individuals by helping them to discover resources that allow them to fulfill unmet needs in their lives. Though our mission is predicated upon the idea of supporting individuals impeded by socioeconomic barriers to self-actualization, nobody will be turned away because they fail to meet specific intake requirements.