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FreeSource Deploys Information Kiosk for A Red Circle

This past weekend, FreeSource had the distinct pleasure of deploying our first information kiosk in partnership with A Red Circle, a non-profit community benefit organization based in North St. Louis County. This kiosk will provide visitors to A Red Circle with curated, up-to-date information regarding programming, community resources, employment and personal enrichment opportunities, and local news.

As part of FreeSource’s commitment to reducing e-waste, this kiosk was constructed using mostly reclaimed computer components. We strive to use only discarded and refurbished/repurposed technology in all of our activities whenever possible, not only as an ethical choice, but as a practical one that allows us to ensure technological accessibility on an extremely minuscule budget. We also hope that doing this encourages people to look past superficial notions of obsolescence and what constitutes usefulness.

If you represent a small community organization that you feel might benefit from a free information kiosk, or if you would like to contribute time or materials that will allow us to build more kiosks, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

If you’re interested in learning more about A Red Circle and the wonderful work that they’re doing, please visit aredcircle.org.